Smooth Streaming Multi Resolution Support for Windows Phone

Disclaimer: The following article does only apply for Windows Phone 7.1 devices. Windows Phone 8 should have no constraints regarding playing multi-resolution streams.

I believe everyone who tried to create a video streaming app for Windows Phone, found rather frustrating that the Smooth Streaming Media Element did not support multiple resolutions. If you were using a manifest with variable resolutions on your desktop application, you could certainly be sure that this manifest will not work on your Windows Phone app out of the box. You had to handle the ManifestReady event and then use the RestrickTracks method to play only the tracks that had the same resolution.

However, I never really understood why the Multi-Resolution support was not provided in the Smooth Streaming Media Element Client for Windows Phone.

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ServiceStack.Text and Windows Phone

Recently for one of my projects at work we needed a fast and easy to use JSON Serializer and I immediately remembered a tweet from Jeff Atwood with a link to a list of open source projects that they had at Stack Exchange. Among them they had and amazingly fast JSON serializer ServiceStack.Text.

So, I decided to give it a try. However after I downloaded the project and tried to use it in a sample Windows Phone  project, I found out that ServiceStack.Text was lacking Windows Phone support. However it did support Silverlight 4&5, Xbox and Mono.

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Network Information on Windows Phone

For one of my projects I needed to retrieve the exact connection type used on the device. I needed to know exactly, if the user was using a 3G or 2G cellular connection.

So, after a quick search I found the following link: Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkInformation Namespace.

I guess most of you have used the DeviceNetworkInformation class and especially its NetworkAvailabilityChanged Event, which tells us when a connection has been established or lost. Also, this class allows you to determine if Celular and WiFi data are enabled.

However, I needed more information than this class can provide.

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Git & SVN: How to update a git submodule from a closed svn repository

Hi everybody!

Wanted to share a small recipe for Git and SVN. Perhaps it is not the best one, but is the one that I found to work for me. However, if you have any other ideas or suggestions on how to improve or do it in any other way, please leave a comment below.

I use Git as my main revision tool. However I have a project where I use some submodules from and I usually clone the source code directly from the SVN repo at codeplex.

By doing this, I found the following problem:
After cloning and including the submodules in my projects, how can I continue to update them from SVN?

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